Looking for some extra money in your pocket and someone to binge watch the latest Netflix craze with? The Villages at Fort Irwin is proud to offer roommate living options so you can make the best of your time on post.

Want a Roommate?

The Villages at Fort Irwin, with concurrence from the Fort Irwin Garrison Commander, are proud to offer roommate living options to provide our Geographic Bachelor and Senior Single Soldier cost saving alternatives to reside on post. 

Eligibility: Roommates must be within one grade/rank or equal grade/rank of each other and cannot be a subordinate, supervisor, or within the chain of command of each other.

Renters Insurance: Proof of renter's insurance must be furnished prior to lease signing. Policy must list Michaels Management Services as interested party. The policy must have a minimum liability of $10,000 per occurrence and a maximum deductible of $250.

Approval Process: The Garrison Commander is the approval authority for any request for roommates to reside on post. Both roommates must individually submit a Roommate ETP form through their chain of command and RCI. RCI will forward for Garrison Commander approval.   

Application Process:  The higher ranking roommate will need to complete an Application and Pet Policy agreement. The following documents must also be submitted for both roommates as part of the application packet:  

  • Roommate ETP Form signed by the Garrison Commander

  • Military Orders to Fort Irwin

  • DEERS Form (DD 1172)

  • DA31 Leave Form

  • Current LES

Once complete and approved the roommates will be able to get a preview list of available homes and start the rental process.   

Rent: The rent rates for roommates is set at the BAH with dependent rate for the highest rank residing in the two bedroom apartment. 

Lease Term: Six-month lease, then converts to month-to-month. 

Pets: Up to two pets per home with a $250 deposit per pet. Breed restrictions apply; please review our pet addendum for breed restriction details.

Application Process

As an active-duty service member, you can apply as soon as you are notified of a potential assignment to The Villages at Fort Irwin or another nearby installation. When you're ready:

  • Review the Housing Qualifications and compile necessary documentation.

  • Download and complete the Military Application Form below.

  • Email the documents required by the Family Housing Qualifications and completed Military Application Form to The Villages at Fort Irwin Assistant Community Director, Adrena Sheriff or villagesatirwin@tmo.com.

We will then process your information and reach out to schedule a tour. Once you have received your official orders and are detached from your current station, we will assign you to your new home.

Unparalleled Perks

All qualified military applicants enjoy these benefits:

  • Unbeatable commute

  • Camaraderie and community right in your neighborhood

  • Indoor and outdoor amenities for residents of all ages, including a resort-style pool, basketball courts, state-of-the-art fitness center with CrossFit gym

  • Convenient access to on-base shopping and dining

  • Gated community

  • No application fee

  • No security deposit

  • BAH covers monthly rent, maintenance, trash disposal, community events, and utility allowance

Waitlist Procedures

The Villages at Fort Irwin has adopted the RCI Waiting List Procedures Policy initiated by General Lynch that states the following:

  1. Active duty service members with current orders are eligible to apply for on‐post housing. They are allowed to submit applications in advance and may be placed on the wait list prior to reporting to their new duty station, as verified by their orders.

  2. Applicants will be placed on the waitlist based on their rank and number of family members. Additionally, they will be placed on the waitlist with an effective date equal to the date that the service member departed the last duty station.

  3. If applicant applies after 30 days of arrival, they will be placed on waitlist with an effective date equal to the date of application. Otherwise, the effective date that all supporting documentation is received.

Please note that all applicants are required to submit the following documentation: Copy of current orders, proof of dependents, Leave Form, Copy of Driver’s license, Completed housing application, and Current LES showing BAH or approved DA 5960.

* Failure to provide copies of the above listed documents will result in an administrative hold position on the waitlist and will not be offered a home until all documents are received. 

** Key and Essential Personnel are the only individuals that take priority. The Key and Essential list is maintained by the Garrison Commander.

About the Military Housing Privatization Initiative

The Villages at Fort Irwin is a Military Housing Privatization Initiative community. Established in 1996, the initiative was enacted to improve the lives of service men and women by providing them with high quality housing. MHPI leverages the experience and expertise of the private sector to offer updated, well-designed homes and professional, effective management services to the members of our armed forces so that they, and their families, may feel secure at home. As part of MHPI, The Villages at Fort Irwin is an affordable and well-maintained housing option.